The pandemic has been hard on everyone. I’ve seen this firsthand through my work advocating for small businesses struggling to keep their doors open and their employees on payroll. As we work our way out of this crisis, we need to rebuild our economy so that it works for everyone in Tacoma. That means creating more jobs in emerging fields like digital security and green jobs so that students graduating from our schools can find work here in Tacoma. To promote green jobs we need to reward innovation, whether it is through permitting fee waivers, or temporary property tax reductions. Businesses that have shown they are committed to carbon reduction need our support. I believe through partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce we can attract quality jobs to our area and use City funds for small business workshops and business grants for women-and minority-owned businesses.

I believe that we have an opportunity to leverage our entrepreneurial culture and our unique advantage with the Port to become a regional hub of innovation. More professional and tech jobs will allow folks to continue working from home, but we need options for people in all fields that don’t involve commuting north every day. In addition to helping people start businesses here, I’ll work to attract more employers that offer well-paying jobs to move to our city by expanding the apprenticeship and trades programs which support our highly-skilled workforce.

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I support expanding Housing First solutions that get people off of the street and into services to address mental health, substance abuse, and give them the tools they need to improve their situation. I’ll work to streamline services and improve our grants and support from the county, state, and federal governments because Tacoma doesn’t have the resources to deal with this problem on our own. I’ll also help the City partner with local small hotels to temporarily get people off the street. Not only is it the humane thing to do for our homeless neighbors, but homeowners, renters, and businesses deserve access to clean and safe parks and public spaces.

We also must address the housing unaffordability crisis that is contributing to the homelessness problem and threatening to put many more families over the brink. We must change our tax incentives to ensure that public “affordable housing” funds are only going toward rents that Tacomans who are here now can actually afford. We must add density in targeted areas around the city – in the North End, West End, and Northeast, and not just in the neighborhoods on our side of town.


One of the most common complaints in my neighborhood is that if you call the police they will not come. I see car prowlers almost every night and yet when your car gets broken into or something gets stolen off of your porch… even if the police do come it feels like there’s no follow-up. Whether that is because of understaffing or how we prioritize property crime, this is a policy decision and we need someone on City Council who will advocate for our safety. Our residents deserve better and our officers need the tools to do their jobs.

I believe that our police force wants to and should make our community feel safe; part of that means addressing systemic racism and use of force policies to ensure that no one is put in greater danger because of a police response. Our officers should be a reflection of our community and represent the best of Tacoma. I also support strengthening the Citizens Police Advisory Committee and partnering with the community on common-sense reforms to improve both accountability and public safety.

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I’m running for City Council to tackle the many issues facing working families in our town. I’ve spent over 10 years in public service, in the US Marine Corps and here locally helping small businesses succeed. Now I’m asking to work for you as your Councilmember. I hope to earn your vote!