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I support expanding Housing First solutions that get people off of the street and into services to address mental health, substance abuse, and to give them the tools they need to improve their situation. I’ll work to streamline services and improve our grants and support from the County, State, and Federal governments because Tacoma doesn’t have the resources to deal with this problem on our own. I’ll also help the City partner with local small hotels to temporarily get people off the street. Not only is it the humane thing to do for our homeless neighbors, but homeowners, renters, and businesses deserve access to clean and safe parks and public spaces.

We also must address the housing unaffordability crisis that is contributing to the homelessness problem and threatening to put many more families over the brink. We must change our tax incentives to ensure that public “affordable housing” funds are only going toward rents that Tacomans who are here now can actually afford. We must add density in targeted areas around the city – in the North End, West End, and Northeast, and not just in the neighborhoods on our side of town.

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I’m running for City Council to tackle the many issues facing working families in our town. I’ve spent over 10 years in public service, in the US Marine Corps and here locally helping small businesses succeed. Now I’m asking to work for you as your Councilmember. I hope to earn your vote!