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One of the most common complaints in my neighborhood is that if you call the police they will not come. I see car prowlers almost every night and yet when your car gets broken into or something gets stolen off of your porch… even if the police do come it feels like there’s no follow-up. Whether that is because of under staffing or how we prioritize property crime, this is a policy decision and we need someone on City Council who will work for our safety. Our neighborhoods deserve better and our officers need the tools to do their jobs.

I believe that our police force wants to and should make our community feel safe; part of that means addressing systemic racism and use of force policies to ensure that no one is put in greater danger because of a police response. Our officers should be a reflection of our community and represent the best of Tacoma. I also support strengthening the Citizens Police Advisory Committee and partnering with the community on common-sense reforms to improve both accountability and public safety.

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I’m running for City Council to tackle the many issues facing working families in our town. I’ve spent over 10 years in public service, in the US Marine Corps and here locally helping small businesses succeed. Now I’m asking to work for you as your Councilmember. I hope to earn your vote!